New Road Construction

When a development begins, there is often nothing on the land where there will soon be a thriving neighborhood. The trees have been removed, sections...


Scheduling Material Deliveries

Building homes in a new neighborhood is a chaotic process. When one or more small construction companies are involved, scheduling is important. Coordinating the days...


Creating a Sense of Community

Many new neighborhoods are built to attract growing families. To get the most out of the property, the lots are generally small. Developers often add...


Mapping and Building the Community

Once they have purchased a large tract of land, a builder creating a new community must make many choices. Their investment has been a huge...

Home builders occasionally find it attractive to create their own neighborhood. The buy a large tract of land and subdivide it into house lots. Once they get approval from local government, they can then build roads, community buildings and parks. They then advertise with local real estate agents and let them know there is a new area for custom built homes opening up. For small construction companies, this is an investment in future employment and profits.

Many small construction companies build homes. They often have dry spells where they have no clients. Some of these small companies find construction work to keep up their base expenses, but there is little profit. They cannot invest in new machinery or workers when they can barely keep up with the current bills. Creating a new neighborhood is a way to attract new business. It takes a large amount of money at the beginning, but the profits are often well worth the investment.