Creating a New Neighbourhood

Creating a Sense of Community


Many new neighborhoods are built to attract growing families. To get the most out of the property, the lots are generally small. Developers often add a fairly large sized park somewhere near the middle of the community. This gives growing families a place to bring their children for outdoor sports and picnics. It cuts down on the cost of the lot without hampering a family's ability to enjoy outside activities.

Neighborhood parks have several needs. There is almost always an area for children to play. There must be walking paths for residents that like to take an evening stroll or jog. Areas are usually set aside for residents with dogs. Some neighborhoods will also contain a community pool for the residents to enjoy. All of these features are planned and in place before most of the homes are built.

There are many options to choose when constructing a neighborhood park. Paths and walkways need to be attractive, but also clear of water when it rains. Porous concrete is one option for builders. By cutting down the amount of silica sand added to the mix, it creates very small holes in the concrete. This allows the water to sink through the concrete and directly into the ground. The water clears off the pavement quickly and builders do not need to worry about creating elaborate drainage systems.

Playgrounds for children are important in a small community. Many provide needed outdoor space. Builders often include swings, slides and structures where children can climb. Sandboxes have come back into fashion and are an easy and affordable way to entertain children. They are generally squares built with large pieces of wood and filled with silica sand. This is a commercial sand product that is inexpensive, especially when bought in bulk. It provides one more area for children to learn to love their new neighborhood.