Creating a New Neighbourhood

Mapping and Building the Community


Once they have purchased a large tract of land, a builder creating a new community must make many choices. Their investment has been a huge outlay, and their goal is to earn back their investment plus make a profit. To do this, they must design their properties to bring in as much money as possible. Some do this by building homes that are quite expensive. They furnish the community with many amenities and the people to run them.

There are some builders that cannot justify building expensive homes in an area. There may not be enough traffic, or the area might be too congested to attract customers seeking high end homes. For these builders, they want to divide their land for as many homes as possible while keeping the area beautiful. A lot of planning goes into this type of community. Some amenities may be offered, but these are generally sold to other businesses. If the neighborhood has a grocery store, laundry and arcade, these will be run by other business people.

Road building is part of the work done by the construction company. They have many options, but will generally choose the ones that will last the longest and need the fewest repairs. Their choices of paving material are often set by local governments concerned about storm water drainage. In areas where asphalt is used, this provides them with a porous paving option for roads. The water will drain directly into the pavement and soak into the ground underneath. Many areas rely on concrete. This is considered a permeable paving option. Builders often use it in conjunction with landscaping so the water will soak into the ground beside the road or between the pavement sections.

No matter what types of pavement are used, builders must ensure people can get to their houses. Each road has to be able to bear the weight of construction machinery without breaking down. The roads are also planned to look attractive to potential buyers inspecting properties and are often landscaped.