Creating a New Neighbourhood

Scheduling Material Deliveries


Building homes in a new neighborhood is a chaotic process. When one or more small construction companies are involved, scheduling is important. Coordinating the days when concrete foundations will be poured is a must. Traffic cannot be backed up during this process or the concrete may solidify before it is poured. If several home builders are working in the neighborhood, the original construction company that developed the area is in charge. They coordinate these types of functions so homes can be built in a timely manner.

A home being built requires a great many materials. Some are small and easy to deliver. Once the foundation has been poured, the building must be framed and sided. No matter what type of siding is used, large quantities are needed. Wood, brick and concrete block are generally delivered in large batches for each home. Scheduling for this is easier than concrete truck schedules, but not by much. It takes time to unload a truck full of material, even if it is on a flatbed truck and a forklift is available.